Borderless World – A Remedy or a disaster

Borderless World - World Citizen

Today the entire World has shrink into a small island in terms of communication, trading and cross cultural interaction – All thanks to globalization. Several Multinationals are developing their products considering the needs of global consumers. The nearsightedness of several organizations of targeting only the home consumers has taken a backseat and most of them are coming up with their astigmatic strategies of targeting the key global consumers. The penetration of internet has done a tremendous job in making things simpler than ever before.  People everywhere are more and more able to get the information they want directly from all corners of the world. They can see for themselves what the tastes and preferences are in other countries, the styles of clothing now in fashion, the sports, and the lifestyles. This ever speedier flow of information has eaten away the boundaries among the Nations.

The changing scenario is evident from the fact that earlier the Countries that would not even like to talk to each other are now sharing a common platform for discussing the problems like climate change, terrorism, poverty, health, trade etc.  Organizations like UNISEF, UNESCO, WHO, WTO, World Bank Group are working for a common cause irrespective of a Nation or Religion. Public in general has become more accommodating in giving space to other cultures, cuisines and lifestyles. These moderations somewhere had diminished the boundaries & created a hope for the formation of a real borderless world.

A World that would have no physical boundaries, where there would be no bloodshed for land and with just a common motive of development of all.  If it happens then the expenses that are dedicated to national security today would be utilize in much productive ventures like fighting poverty and malnutrition, developing infrastructure for improving the quality of life or by investing it in various public welfare schemes. Developed nation would assist and help the weaker nations in their development activity. This all would result in making a robust economic system.

Here we should not forget the facts that since inception we (human race) would like to have our own space which we don’t like to share with anyone. With the release of certain barriers this world will become prone to the interference of ideologies and clashes among races. History itself says that it’s a human psychology that being grabbed by the obsession of being superior some people/nation enjoys the feeling of suppressing others which sometimes ends up in acquiring lands from neighboring countries. This brutal display of power had created many disputes in past & still existing. So this type of mindsets is the biggest hurdle in this concept.

People in every Country wishes to live at a place where they can live with peace & harmony but because of certain crooks at the Power the whole Country has to suffer. Borderless world would not be possible unless people would shed their ego, develop a broader mindset and unite for a common cause. While certain regulations are necessary to maintain the code of conduct, thus free passages with certain disciplinary restrictions are necessary before giving shape to this concept.


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