Pain of a Politician

A politician is that smartass who dares to dream big. Ever since he gained senses his eyes rest just upon one thing – a shining chair possessing all the power in the world. He left no stone unturned to bring it to reality. Unlike the mango man who works the regular run-of-the-mill jobs, a politician faces new challenges and passes through numerous hardships each day. What has he not done to please his citizens – to bring some spice in the lousy speeches of parliament he fought, got beaten, fallen, stumbled, rolled over still have never gave up; he accepted bribe just to make sure that he’ll always be there to bring the voice of his citizens to the deaf ears of the parliament; he pulled some scams to protect his people from the trauma of bigger problems like foreign infiltration, terrorism, malnutrition, etc. Being a visionary he intentionally misses on the deadlines, allow shady deals and neglect poor infrastructure just to keep the economy running by allowing thousands of people engage in jobs; despite all these sacrifices people treat him like an outcast.

What the public really expect from our poor politician! What in the whole world he did wrong? He just wanted a little power, money and recognition in life that too not free. While moving on the road to helm he paid fortune – be it paying for arranging the rally or alluring voters to the booth, people have siphoned off his pocket at each step and now if he expect return on his investment, everyone frowns. To me it seems that, what public actually want is a puppet not a representative, they want to keep his strings and let him dance as per their commands.

The hypocrisy of highest level is seen when the people can’t conform to their own stand but expect the little politician to be an absolute Saint. They want him to perform his job with utter diligence while they can’t resist any chance of making money from whichever source possible. If it’s left to the citizens of this country they won’t even hesitate to force the politician to clean their toilet to ensure proper sanitation, do the patrolling the whole night to keep their safety intact or compel him to be a watchdog to counter the terrorism. Under such circumstances what option does he have other than availing a strong security?

Ironically half of his life goes into pleasing the public and the other half goes in saving his chair. Where the hell does he get time to work? What does this democracy has made him- a beggar, a servant, a greedy pig, none of which he prefers. Still the public use to condemn him. Where is the fault of this pity fellow?


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