Delhi Swayamvar

Aeon in ‘Panchala’ a Swayamvar was organized to marry the angelic, audacious and astute Draupadi. Mesmerized by the beauty and divinity of Draupadi many emperors have bestowed the occasion and then there were ‘Pandavas’ standing at the corner of the hall posed as Brahmins. In the entire hall there were only three persons – Krishna, Karna and Arjun who had what it takes to win the contest. The result of that event had taken such a momentum that it had turned the entire history upside down.

Time has taken a full swing and once again the stage is all set to decide the fate of Bharatvansh. Again Draupadi (Delhi) is at the centre stage and once again the three warriors are all set to give whatever it takes to win. At one hand there is Karna (Shiela Dikshit) who devoted her entire life to the selfless service to her Queen and friend (Sonia Gandhi). The irony is that being victorious for three consecutive terms filled her with vanity and now she considers herself invincible. This vanity has blurred her vision and the favours of her queen had clouded her judgement to such an extent that she turned her eyes off while her minister was siphoning off the taxpayers money from CWG, acquiesced on thrashing out the crusaders at 2’O clock in the morning and ended up harassing her own citizens with price hike, corruption and power abuse. These events filled the citizens with disgust and now they are all set to return the favour.

There on the other hand there is a person who masquerades himself as Krishna (Harsh Vardhan), he claims that he has the power and will to keep the divine Draupadi (Delhi) happy. But Draupadi treat him as a brother and a trusted friend thus she could not marry him.

Somewhere at the corner there is Arjun (Arvind Kejriwal) who is watching all this stoically, even in the attire of a powerless and penniless Brahmin he bears a charisma and an aura of divinity. He who learnt it the hard way that if he doesn’t step up to take the charge then Draupadi (Delhi) will remain unmarried which would be a matter of shame for him and his predecessors. Thus he has taken a step and move toward the forefront where everyone is watching him with contempt and making a mockery of him, unaffected by all such remarks he took one step after another and in an absolute meditative state he has taken the bow and shot the arrow. In few hours we’ll all witness whether the arrow hits the target or not.

Unlike the ‘Panchala’ all speculations and predictions are futile as of now. The scenario and circumstances today is completely different. People today are hiding themselves behind several masks which make it very difficult to understand the true personality of a person. The outcome of this event will formulate the beginning of a new era. Now let’s see what it holds for us in the future.  


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