Political Kurukshetra

Once again the political parties are all set to throw garbage at each other, at least this time someone has a nerve to ask public to take their garbage along. If you follow elections carefully than it might look as if some magic show is happening out there. In few months roads are constructed out from nowhere, places where few years back getting electricity was a distant dream today are illuminating with CFL’s, all of a sudden the sewerage problems are solved, no price hikes, no irregular bills, increment in pension and what not. This celestial event happens after every five-year in a state.
Though most of the states in the Country might not be fortunate enough to witness these miracles often but Haryana is the only state where it’s just a normal course, a gifted state indeed. Lord Krishna has bestowed his dearest friend the great knowledge of ‘Chaitanya’ here, and after consuming that Arjun stood up to take what was rightfully his. Since then Haryana enjoys a revered place in history. The magnificence of this place is paramount, people from thousands of miles use to come here to sort out their differences, ‘Battle of Panipat’ is one such example of that.
Haryanvis have taken Mahabharata quite seriously and have imbibed the teachings of Krishna with all their heart & soul. When in Mahabharata Krishna asked Arjuna to perform his duty without bothering about the results he didn’t knew that Haryanvis will take it quite literally and follow it word by word. People often says that Marwadi and Gujrati’s have excellent business acumen but they might not have seen a Haryanvi doing business – Haryanvis have an impeccable business sense, they know how to get the things done. To name a few – Property registration in other parts of the country may take an average of 20-30 days but in Haryana it is just a matter of 5-7 days or sometime even hours provided the motivation is right; they have incredulous talent of dealing in land, you all are familiar with the famous DLF – Vadra deal; another such expertise is seen in job creation (JBT recruitment) and handling transfers. Despite all such talent they are still modest and performing their duty without making a fuss about it, display of true character indeed.
Haryanvis believe in instant action and pragmatism instead of making an issue of everything and that’s why they don’t perform any candle march or hunger strikes. This is practiced all across even at a very tender age, usually if a kid receives a blow by some other kid in a school than parents don’t indulge in that instead they encourage them to sort it out by themselves. Now you might understand from where all those medals in Olympics, Asiad & Commonwealth games are coming from.
Political parties might be claiming stars and skies in their rallies but they have to understand one thing for sure that no matter what you say the winner will only be the one who is able to deliver in Haryanvi style. He must be the one who has the valour to change the course if the subject not interests him and can set a benchmark for others to come. Now let’s watch who would be the next Arjuna in this election.        


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