Political leadership in crisis – Narasimhanomics

Narasimha Rao was a contradictory character. His contradiction was at the heart of who he was. He was corrupt, he was a visionary. He could be principled, he could be unprincipled. He knew how to win, he knew how to lose. His name was a pretty good indicator of who he was. His name was... Continue Reading →


Political Kurukshetra

Once again the political parties are all set to throw garbage at each other, at least this time someone has a nerve to ask public to take their garbage along. If you follow elections carefully than it might look as if some magic show is happening out there. In few months roads are constructed out... Continue Reading →

Delhi Swayamvar

Aeon in ‘Panchala’ a Swayamvar was organized to marry the angelic, audacious and astute Draupadi. Mesmerized by the beauty and divinity of Draupadi many emperors have bestowed the occasion and then there were ‘Pandavas’ standing at the corner of the hall posed as Brahmins. In the entire hall there were only three persons – Krishna,... Continue Reading →

Pain of a Politician

A politician is that smartass who dares to dream big. Ever since he gained senses his eyes rest just upon one thing – a shining chair possessing all the power in the world. He left no stone unturned to bring it to reality. Unlike the mango man who works the regular run-of-the-mill jobs, a politician... Continue Reading →

Borderless World – A Remedy or a disaster

Today the entire World has shrink into a small island in terms of communication, trading and cross cultural interaction – All thanks to globalization. Several Multinationals are developing their products considering the needs of global consumers. The nearsightedness of several organizations of targeting only the home consumers has taken a backseat and most of them... Continue Reading →

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